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Diverse Learning Environments



Parents should complete Infant Feeding Plan and fill out all areas. This plan is needed before child can start childcare. Parents MUST also provide baby food and diapers. LLCCA's Infant Program offers a warm and nurturing child care environment in which children are read to, gently spoken to and rocked in loving arms. The materials in the infant room are chosen to help your child build language, perceptual-moto, cognitive and social skills. Upon pick-up for your child, each day, you will receive a report by your child'd educator detailing your infants' activities, as well as special remarks and noted about eating, sleeping, and diapering routines.


In our toddler classroom, the schedule planned for your child's day includes activities to help develop large and small motor development , such as art, music and beginning social skills. Your child will develop fine and gross motor skills, acquire thinking skills, learn to communicate effectively and express their feelings. Activities will be based on an overall theme and include a detailed lesson plan monthly. At the close of the day there will be a report documenting your child's activities and behaviors. 



Our goals in this class include assisting your child with social and emotional development. Focusing on pro-social behavior, thinking skills useful for primary school, responsibility as it pertains to every day living, and a healthy sense of self. Language skills will be reinforced with listening, speaking, reading and writing. With a strong and challenging curriculum your child will receive a well-rounded educational experience. Also prepare them for all the important school years ahead. With LLCCA's Preschool class, we concentrate on positive social skills, help children master the concepts of color, introduce name recognition, shape and numbers. 






Outside Play

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